Database responsibilities are growing; managers are being asked to spend less money but increase efficiency – something doesn’t quite add up. Exploring an outsourcing strategy could be the best business decision you make.


A study by IT BusinessEdge revealed 21% of IT organisations outsource at least 30% of their DBA workload. This trend shows a significant shift in the way in which we operate business.


Understanding the complexity of ever changing technology developments requires a trained

specialist. Finding this highly skilled database administrator, who also has the right qualifications and certificates is a tough task; not to mention they come with a hefty price tag!


At Ortech Consulting, we can remove the pressure by remotely taking care of your database and operating system administration. The best bit? Not only will this save you money but you’ll find we can increase your efficiency as we have the technical capabilities and the right team in place to deliver a first class service.


Outsourcing a DBA is far more cost effective and allows a company to fill the gaps in knowledge, improving the quality of the support. Our team has the expert skills and tools required but the service is a cheaper alternative to having a full time employed DBA.


Using an outsourced database company can feel as though you are taking a plunge into the unknown but, at Ortech Consulting, we don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. We’ll quickly get to grips with the technical shortfalls and understand your future goals to develop a comprehensive bespoke plan to help you achieve them.


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