In today’s world, businesses are continuously searching for ways in which they can become more connected through technology and developing new strategies to do so. Oracle has evolved its Human Capital Management products to meet these types of demands from HR leaders.


A recent survey from Sierra-Cedar showed of the 1,500 businesses, over 40% of businesses are looking to improve their HR systems using integrated technology. The survey revealed top priorities include; deploying non-HR systems to the cloud, focusing on the user experience, implementing futuristic tools and differentiating with technology.


Oracle’s Cloud technologies will enable you to align every level of your business and deliver cross-functional reporting which means all employees will be able to access information they need with an easy to use integrated interface.


Technology has come a long way, and now, with 5% of businesses already using wearable technology as part of their strategic HR systems strategy, futuristic integrated tools are becoming part of business models. Oracle is exploring the capabilities of integrating with wearable technology with voice recognition for employees to track their hours based on geolocation, making the workplace more productive.


Find out more about how Ortech Consulting can make your business more connected using Oracle HCM Cloud.

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