As a growing business, you could be weighing up the differences between having on-site support and outsourcing your IT. Along with ever changing business requirements and staying ahead of technology developments, we’ve listed some of the top benefits to outsource remote IT support.


  1. Reduced Costs


You will incur bigger costs having an in-house IT Manager as you’ll have to pay for things such as; recruitment, company benefits and on-going training. Plus, you’ll need an additional member in the team to deal with out of hours’ problems that may occur. On top of this, there will need to be a plan in place for downtime which could result in paying out even more money as you could have staff trying to resolve problems they don’t understand.


Choosing a remote IT support allows your business to leverage a wide range of skills, and a team of people who are in the loop with new developments. A remote team provides support at anytime, providing a cheaper and more efficient support to your company.


  1. Increase Productivity


When there is an IT problem, staff can easily become distracted from their day job as they try to fix the issues themselves. This reduces productivity and puts a strain on resource.


Having remote IT support, a dedicated IT technician will be assigned to the issue and be able to speed up the time in which the problem is resolved. This not only reduces downtime but your staff won’t become distracted in the process, thus increasing increasing productivity.



  1. Knowledge of Technology Developments


Training your IT Manager can be costly, particularly with IT continuously evolving. An outsourced team have a range of partnerships and training in place to stay ahead and find out about the newest products and software upgrades. This information will be used and analysed to see if and how it could help to grow your business.


  1. Experts on hand 24/7


Taking on a full-time IT Manager can cause its own challenges as there will be times where, at the peak, there will be an influx of work required but there are then times where IT requirements are low and there isn’t enough for the IT Manager to do.


An outsourced team of highly skilled IT technicians can be called at anytime and as frequently as you need to do so. Having them on hand will give your business the peace of mind that any problems can be fixed quickly, causing as little disruption to your business and allowing you to focus on the job in hand. An outsourced team of experts will monitor your systems to prevent crisis occurring.


  1. Eliminating downtime


Your business could be affected if there isn’t a crisis strategy in place to deal with those times when technology fails us. This results in downtime, poor productivity and adds costs to fix the problems that have not been budgeted for.


With a remote IT support team, these issues can be avoided as the technicians will monitor the systems in place. With an anytime service, the team will identify problems and resolve them, preventing them even reaching your business.


At Ortech Consulting, we provide valuable remote IT support that are bespoke to suit your business needs.

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