Most business will, at some point, feel the pain of software audits; either in the time it takes to collate data and the correct documentation, or the costs that hadn’t been forecasted.


You’ll get 45 days’ written notice of Oracle auditing your programs which means they will carry out a systematic review of pre-existing material or assessment of your usage.


According to Campaign for Clear Licensing research, software audits now take a staggering 195.15 working hours over 7.13 months to resolve.


Aside from the strain on resource and time that a software audit causes, understanding your licence requirements and whether you have the right licence for your business will cause a further distraction from delivering projects.


Vendors have the right to audit customers. At Ortech Consulting, we help clarity vendor audits by reporting on your current status and avoid the treat of a software audit. As well as this, we leverage your current licence structure to be cost effective so you can focus of other business priorities.


Our partnerships with Oracle allow us to save your business thousands of pounds through assisting to configure your current systems and correct any licence purchases that aren’t fit for purpose.


We’ll take care of your data to support compliance with the right documentation, evidence of licencing and how your software is installed, used and configured. This will help to put you in the driving seat and not Oracle.


Give us a call to find out how we can help take the strain off of your business.

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