There are endless options when it comes to selecting which technology to use and the decision will be a costly one if you’re not in the know with latest developments in the industry. At Ortech Consulting, we have educated experts in place to help you get the best bang for your buck and to make sure you have the right programs based on your business needs.


Oracle RightNow is one technology development that can really help shape your business operation and help aid growth.


The Oracle RIghtNow Cloud Service is a combination of a multichannel contact centre solution, an integrated chat functionality and has social customer services capabilities as well as personalised customer self-service features which could position your business with the market leaders.


The RightNow Web Experience

For full customer satisfaction, the Oracle RighNow web experience offer a seamless online solution for customers to easily be able to research products, purchase or even resolve problems from both a desktop and a smartphone with web self-service, assisted e-mail, chat, co-browse or a phone agent. The experience will allow your business to lower service costs but increase conversions which will translate into a higher productivity.


The RightNow Social Experience

With social media now becoming a huge part of today’s marketing strategies, having the ability to harness consumer influence plays a big part making the social experience engaging with your audience. RightNow will allow you to monitor social media and other online communities and provide a platform for you to increase your credibility and customer loyalty. As an ‘instant’ tool, social media provides a platform in which customers can share insights into product satisfaction and improvement.


The RightNow Analytics Engage

Today, we have a customer expectation for exceptional experiences when they engage with brands. Oracle RightNow has enhanced the experience by leveraging brands with real-time proactive insights to build loyalty and increase sales which will optimise the service and experience quality as well as the operational efficiency of omni-channel interaction.


RightNow has been designed around predictions of how customer experiences will evolve over the coming years with a key focus on mobile computing making it an important addition to Oracle’s cloud.


See how Oracle RightNow can help shape your business and increase customer satisfaction by calling us. We’ll talk you through each step so you can make an informed decision.



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