Service Required

A multi disciplined work stream. 


We consulted on behalf of the Oracle TA (Technical Architect) Team for Vodafone World HQ in Newbury Berkshire, advising on the (Oracle) UIM and OSM upgrade from 7.0.3 to 7.2.4.

We were accountabile for all the database related activities during the upgrade and also to document the solution needed to change the current Active Passive WLS (weblogic Server) setup to Active Active. Day to day support of the upgrade test team to suggest changes to the SQL, logic, database server parameters in order to increase the database performance during the running of test upgrade script runs.

We ringfenced database schemas via the Oracle Database Vault and a Security Report was setup by configuring Oracle AVDF.

We analysed AWR and ADDM reports to assist with performance. The collation of patch, db version, backup information in order to match other environments with what was in production and make sure the correct recommended patches were in place for the 7.2.4 upgrade. OSM was 13TB anad UIM at any given time was around 40TB, so an understanding of data storage, ASM, block change tracking, partitioning, EMC BCV storage was required to advise on snapshot and recovery methods pre and post upgrade.

OSM resided and exadata with UIM on redhat linux with EMC storage used for the data. We produced a solution documentation for the move from Active Passive to Active Active for both systems.