Picture this, the server is down and the entire office goes into complete meltdown – sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Most offices, will have a mixed bag of employees; some scrabbling around to check the CPU connections while other are frustratingly slamming their fingers on the keyboard to see if the connection magically comes back. This is usually the point where everyone dials for IT support.

The database system finally comes back online but there are huge amounts of data missing and hours of work wasted, creating a somewhat irritated workforce.

The database is the core of computer operations so having a backup procedure in place will save accurate information, which can also be retrieved upon request to reduce downtime.

Database administrators who work with Oracle systems will work on a 5-step approach:

  • Understanding what needs to be backed up in the database
  • Selected which sort if backup approach should be taken and forming a schedule
  • Deciding where to store backed up work
  • Managing and testing the backups
  • Putting a backup retention policy in place

Developing an effective database backup and recovery plan for hardware and software becomes an integral part of the database model so when that ‘mad office meltdown’ happens when technology fails us, there is minimal disruption and avoids employees spending hours re-entering data.

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